How old do I have to be?

Everyone is welcome. We have a mixed age-range in our adult class and cater for all abilities.


Do I need a partner?

Ideally yes as we do not change partners like they do in Salsa or Jive. You will generally keep the same partner throughout all of the classes and lesson that we provide.

Do I need to book?

Not usually, any class that requires booking will be noted on the Weekly timetable page


Is there a membership or joining fee?

No membership or joining fees. Just turn up and pay as you go! All class prices can be found on the Classes & Lessons.


When can I start?

Our new beginners class start every January, However you can join at anytime throughout the year. If you are new to dancing we have plenty of helpers in class that will help you get started and will soon catch you up with the class.


What shall I wear?

Just wear something comfortable like trousers and shirt/t shirt or a skirt or dress for ladies.
At this level you won't be doing anything to strenuous so you don't need to wear workout clothes.

Trainers tend to be a little sticky so a court shoe is better. Just be aware you are dancing on a wooden floor so you don't want to slip.

If we have not answered your question here please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you further.